From Amsterdam to New York

Author Anna Woltz is from the Netherlands, but was living in New York when Hurricane Sandy stormed the city in 2012. Once order was restored, she began working on her book "A Hundred Hours of Night." Although Anna has written many titles for young adult readers, this is her first book published in English. The story involves a 15-year-old girl living in Amsterdam who is so scandalized by her father's actions, she flees to New York, encountering many unexpected events along the way, including the hurricane and its brutal force of nature. Anna stopped by Bank Street Book Store to sign copies of her book.

Summertime Reading

"Summer of Lost and Found" is a then and now, here and there novel by Rebecca Behrens for middle-graders who look forward to a good time-traveling mystery adventure this summer. According to Rebecca, who stopped by Bank Street Book Store to sign copies of her book, main character Nell is a little put out when she learns she won't be spending her vacation with her New York City school friends. Instead, she is heading to North Carolina where her disappointment turns to discovery as she explores the history of the area with a new local acquaintance. Pick up a signed copy today!