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April 23 Is Book and Lovers Day

On April 23, Barcelona begins its annual celebration of chivalry and romance. It all started in the Middle Ages with the Festival of Roses honoring St. George, patron saint of Catalonia and a brave Roman soldier. When St. George allegedly slew a dragon about to devour a beautiful young princess, legend tells us a rosebush grew from the blood of the slain dragon. The soldier plucked its most perfect bloom to give to the princess as a remembrance.

In 1923 the Festival of Roses merged with UNESCO's World Book Day, established to draw attention to the lives of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, both of whom died on April 23. The day continues to be a celebration of culture, beauty, intelligence, and love.

Friend from Across the Pond

We make many friends at Bank Street Bookstore. Some have been visiting the store for years and others, like Alana (below), get to know us briefly. Alana's family completed their 2 1/2-month stay in New York and came to say goodbye today before packing her many books and boarding the plane back to the UK. We will miss you, Alana!


Keeping Earth Day Green

Earth Day is not just another date on the calendar. It is an opportunity to help kids understand that they are our planet's caretakers. Activities, events, programs, and workshops teach the value of keeping ourselves and our earth clean and healthy. Books also offer great ideas and information on acknowledging the importance of Earth Day -- on April 22 and every day. For more information, visit For book ideas from Bank Street Bookstore, see below: