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A Night Worth Noting

Everything we do as parents, teachers, and families helps when promoting literacy and literature. Participating in something as fun and simple as World Book Night is the best kind of support because it reminds all of us -- kids and grown-ups alike -- of the joy of reading. To be involved all you have to do is mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 23, and remember to choose a book from the 2014 list of selected titles to read by yourself or in the company of a young bookworm. Visit for a list of books (or choose your own), and let's get reading!

From the YA Page to the Silver Screen

Although there's nothing quite like picturing your own characters and settings while reading a fabulous book, here are some current young adult novels primed for a possible move to the silver screen:

These days teen moviegoers are lining up to see "Divergent," an adaptation of Veronica Roth's book about a society divided into five groups dedicated to a particular virtue, and the choices 16-year-olds must make to identify themselves for the rest of their lives. "Divergent" as well as its series successors "Insurgent" and "Allegiant" are currently on the shelves at Bank Street Bookstore.

"Eleanor and Park" by Rainbow Rowell is one of ten YA titles in VANITY FAIR's roundup of possible book-to-movie adaptations. Don't miss your chance to create your own cinematic scenes while reading. Come pick up a copy of this and other great new young adult books at Bank Street Bookstore today!