Now that Taxes Are Filed

Forget itemized lists and deductions for now (or at least until next tax season) and try counting something fun for a change. In Andrea Menotti's "How Many Jelly Beans?" the big-book format allows young mathematicians to count high and higher to reach big and bigger numbers. Kids will have lots of fun with something so colorful and delicious. Leave it to everyone's favorite -- the humble jelly bean -- to inspire and teach math.

Saving Graces

With its oak bookcases, marble floors, vaulted ceilings, bronze chandeliers, and expansive front window, Rizzoli Bookstore on West 57th Street in New York City showcased the beauty of books. For 50 years it served as the perfect setting for selling luxurious art books produced by the Italian publishing company, as well as photographs, prints, music, and all genres of books.

On Friday, April 11, Rizzoli closed its doors for the last time. The company vows to reopen in a new location, but now it is up to its customers to keep the memory of this grand property alive -- a time when it buzzed, hummed, whispered, and inspired thanks to the glorious goods that were sold inside.

Bank Street Bookstore is facing a similar move, but it is our hope and promise to maintain a special presence in our current neighborhood. Once a new address is finalized and can be announced, please be assured our loyal customers and supporters will be the first to know. Thank you for your interest in us as we continue the important work of selling books.

Helping Kids Understand a Hospital Visit

Author-educator Patty Weiner visited Bank Street Bookstore yesterday to share tips from her book "Taking Your Child to the Doctor or the Hospital." Among her wonderful ideas: Help kids feel comfortable with the things they will see before the visit takes place. For example, make a Band-Aid and cotton ball collage or use a play stethoscope to listen to the heartbeats of stuffed animals and dolls. Patty's book can be purchased at Bank Street Bookstore by calling, visiting, or ordering online. Contact us at (212) 678-1654 or