Margaret's Menagerie

Bookseller Margaret decided to take home a new "pet" today -- well, actually, one of Bank Street Bookstore's bashful, but somehow bravely beautiful, lions by Jellycat. The lion will join Margaret's lamb and bunny, who have resided with her long enough to become like extended family. "I used to take my lamb with me to the library when I was writing my thesis," says Margaret, "and my bunny used to sit in my lap when I went for a drive."

People seem to form strong attachments to their stuffed animals, as we've discovered at the book store, and Margaret's story is just one wonderful example. Come see our selection of picture book characters (like the Velveteen Rabbit and Peter from "The Snowy Day," two of Margaret's favorites) and other creative critters. And watch what happens this spring when chicks and ducks and bunnies start to hatch at the store. 

Cakes and Candles and Costumes -- Oh, My!

This week at Bank Street Bookstore we're counting down to Saturday, March 1, the grand opening of the new birthday party room on the store's second floor. From 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., enjoy refreshments, meet entertainers and performers, learn about party packages, and try on a costume or two as we introduce the newly created party space. We are happy to be your best resource for safe fun and happy learning on your child's special day.