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Bank Street Special Sales

We would love to use our extensive knowledge of quality children's literature to create the perfect list of book recommendations for your school or other organization, tailored to your curriculum and needs! We can also help you build your classroom libraries from the ground up:

In general, we'll need to know:
- the number of classrooms per grade
- the projected level range of the students in each grade
- approximate percentage of fiction vs. nonfiction you would like reflected in the libraries
- any particular themes/subjects you would like to prioritize

Contact Info:

Phone - 212.281.8101, 212.281.8104
FAX - 212.281.8105
Email - cmorrissey@bankstreet.edu
Mailing address - 2791 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, NY, NY 10039

Discount schedule is as follows:

- all school/organization orders: 10% off list price

- orders of $2,500 or more: 15% off

- orders of $5,000 or more: 20% off

* annual orders of $200,000 or more: 25% off all orders

We offer inside delivery to your location. The fee is based on current shipping/delivery rates and usually does not exceed 3% of your order total.

We can sort books by level and pack them by classroom. We can also label individual books with guided reading levels (or any other specific information) for a fee of 3% of the order total.


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