Books in Bloom

Every day is bloomsday at Bank Street Bookstore when the April-showers-May-flowers scene steals the show and new books burst into flower. Keep the awe alive as the spring season arrives with a bouquet of new books to pick from the shelf. Here are some suggested titles:

 "Grow" by Cynthia Platt

 "Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt" by Kate Messner

 "Let's Grow Vegetables" by Anne-Sophie Baumann

 "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers

 "This Is the Earth" by Diane Shore

 "Round of Robins" by Katie Hesterman

 "Peaceful Garden" by Lucy London

 "Sakura's Cherry Blossoms" by Robert Paul Weston

 "Touch the Earth" by Julian Lennon

 "And Then It's Spring" by Julie Fogliano

 "Little Guide to Gardening" by Jo Elworthy

 "Girl Who Drew Butterflies" by Joyce Sidman


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Books Matter

The Best Kid Lit on Bias, Diversity and Social Justice

This recommended collection of books is representative of the excellent anti-bias and multicultural literature available for educators and parents of young children through age twelve. All the titles in Books Matter have been reviewed by ADL staff and are frequently updated with new and noteworthy books.