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The Bank Street Bookstore opened in 1970 in a small space in the lobby of the Bank Street College. Originally intended as a small store serving the needs of the college community, the bookstore has grown into a resource for the neighborhood and for the community of parents and educators worldwide.

Bank Street is known in the community, the tri-state area, and country as the bookstore with an amazing selection and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Our staff members love children and books, and they apply their experience with both each time they read, review, and recommend a title. Not content to stick to the bestsellers, our staff members are constantly reading in an effort to find the perfect books for each customer and every situation.

Our online inventory automatically reflects the in-store inventory of more than 30,000 titles we have in stock, and you can be sure that every book has been handpicked by our booksellers. In addition, we will be adding an ever-growing inventory of our non-book items to the online store.

BankStreetBooks.com does not aim to rival the behemoth online stores. We prefer to be intimately familiar with the plots, illustrations, and messages of the books we feature. Our online customers are no less important than our in-store customers, and they deserve the same great customer service – and the same great books.