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Angel Author Awards Cash Grant to Bank Street Bookstore

When Bank Street Bookstore learned it had won a grant from author James Patterson, it felt like winning the lottery -- but it was better because it was an earned honor, not a random selection. Store manager Andy Laties, pictured below with some of James Patterson's novels for kids and a New York Times clipping announcing the news, was notified by Hachette, Patterson's publisher, this week.

Patterson promised $1 million of his own fortune to independent book stores, allowing them remain true to the mission of supporting literacy and literature in communities across the country. While many book stores struggle against competition from online sales and e-books, Patterson knows the importance of neighborhood booksellers -- and so do Bank Street Bookstore loyalists.

With the grant, Andy says he will be able to post and stream online videos of in-store events, a service much valued by customers who enjoy watching puppet shows and story times for young children, whether live or online.

Thank you to James Patterson, a generous writer who is truly a gentleman and a scholar!




All Wrapped Up

Here's a trivia question our book-loving shoppers easily answer without fail: What is the signature look of the Bank Street Bookstore wrapping paper? It's a polka dot pattern of red and white, of course, just as it has been for so many years we've lost count. Isn't it comforting to know some things never change? -- especially in an era when rapping is often more common than wrapping. Please keep in mind that our gift wrap service is still (and always) available. The first package is free and $.25 per wrap after the first. Serwa presents a happy shopper with a Fly Guy book by Tedd Arnold, a perfect birthday gift in its jaunty celebration colors.