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To Roominate, Perchance to Dream

Although the dictionary definition of "ruminate" is to think or ponder, Bank Street Bookstore staff member Stephen knows there's a new Roominate in town: a toy designed for kids, especially girls, who love to create, construct, design, and build (dreams!). Come take a look at this innovative new toy that combines engineering with fun.




Why February Matters

February is recognized in this country as an opportunity to identify and promote the countless accomplishments of Americans of African descent. Although no single month can possibly contain such an important past and present, Bank Street Bookstore is proud to highlight outstanding books that tell the stories of America through the study of black history. Karina holds one of her favorite titles this season, "Finding Lincoln" by Anna Malaspina. She also cites "Brave Girl" by Michelle Markel as worthy of attention for the Flora Stieglitz Straus Award it received from the Bank Street College Children's Book Committee this month.