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What It Takes to Be Test Ready

Families and students have much to gain by preparing for standardized tests so they know what to expect when the time comes. Bright Kids designs guides, books, and practice tests to do just that. On Thursday, February 13, three Bright Kids staffers (Marina, Marisa, and James) visited Bank Street Bookstore to provide information about what to do in preparation for tests that are currently part of the school application process. Similar events are being planned. In the meantime, please check out the Bright Kids materials available for purchase at the book store.

Special Citation for Bank Street Bookstore

Thank you, Time Out New York, for helping to spread the word about Bank Street Bookstore. Our wonderful shop around the corner (on Broadway at West 112th Street) has been cited by Time Out editors as "one of New York's very best." Assistant manager Kira holds the proud proclamation. Come visit the store soon to see our decal in the front window. Then you'll understand how and why we earned this special award.




Bank Street Children's Book Committee Award Winners 2014

The Children’s Book Committee is a proud tradition at Bank Street College of Education and the Bank Street School for Children. It supports the commitment to seek and cite outstanding literature for young readers. Committee members read newly published titles each year, and select three books to honor as shining examples of new works for children. This year’s winners are:

Josette Frank Award for a work of fiction in which a young character deals positively and realistically with difficulties and grows both emotionally and morally

“Rose Under Fire” by Elizabeth Wein – This World War II thriller introduces readers to Rose Justice, a pilot who is captured by the Nazis and sent to a women’s concentration camp. Allie Bruce, interim children’s librarian at the Bank Street Library, calls Rose "a character who meets unusually difficult life challenges and is able to respond positively.”

Flora Stieglitz Straus Award for a work of nonfiction that inspires readers through examples of courage, hard work, truth, and beauty within a changing world


“Brave Girl” by Michelle Markel (author) and Melissa Sweet (illustrator) – This is a true story of Clara Lemlich, a young immigrant seamstress who leads the largest strike of women workers in U. S. history. It proves the importance of standing strong and standing together to improve conditions for all. Allie Bruce, interim children’s librarian at the Bank Street Library, calls this book “universally inspiring.”


Claudia Lewis Award for a work of poetry that conveys love, understanding, humor, grace, feeling, and meaning through poetic words and images


“What the Heart Knows: Chants, Charms, and Blessings” by Joyce Sidman (author) and Pamela Zagarenski (illustrator) – This collection of poems provides encouragement to help readers bravely face a continually changing world with comfort, courage, and humor. Allie Bruce, interim children’s librarian at the Bank Street Library, loves the combination of author and illustrator, calling them a “perfect duo to capture many feelings – and many fans.”



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