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Spring Book Fairs

Just as spring brings April showers and May flowers, so too book fairs. This one, merchandised entirely by Bank Street Bookstore, takes place at the new Speyer Legacy School on Ninth Avenue at West 59th Street. Let us know if we can provide an outstanding selection of spring (and summer) reading for your city school.

Keeping Score

Lesley Koplow, director of the Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street College of Education, knows the score when it comes to standardized testing. Hear her thoughts about the role of testing in the classroom as she presents her new book "Politics Aside: Our Children and Their Teachers in Score-Driven Times." Lesley appears at Bank Street Bookstore on Thursday, April 3 at 4:00 p.m.


When Life Offers Lemons, Jacqueline Davies Knows What To Do

Author Jacqueline Davies visited Bank Street Bookstore and the Bank Street School for Children on Wednesday, April 2 to share her terrific "Lemonade War" series for middle-school readers. The books offer perspectives on equity and fairness, themes that are important to Jackie. "I am a student of human nature," she says, which leads her to ask, "I wonder what the story is behind that person" when creating plot and character. Jackie is shown here (center) with bookstore staffers Hannah and Andy.

Pick up author-signed copies of "The Lemonade War," "The Lemonade Crime," "The Bell Bandit," "The Candy Smash," and "The Magic Trap" at the bookstore -- great reads all!


Poetry: The Language of the Soul

Now that all the April Fool's Day pranks have been played (and hopefully put to rest for another year), it is a pleasure to announce that the rest of April is loaded with other wonderful occasions, including National Poetry Month.

The idea, which has been in practice since 1996, is to gather poets and poetry together with parents, librarians, students, teachers, and families to increase awareness of and bring attention to this artful form of expression. Celebrate throughout the month by putting a poem in your pocket, memorizing a poem, writing a poem on the sidewalk with chalk, or listening to a poem on your MP3 player. You say you're a poet? Don't you know it!


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