Celebrating Bank Street's First 100 Years



edited by Hal Melnick, '74, and Robie Harris, '70

The intent for this book is to convey in words and images the essence of our beloved institution and the very real ways we approach education for adults as well as for children from infancy through forever. Each chapter was designed to echo both John Dewey's and Lucy Sprague Mitchell’s core ideas about learning as actively ‘doing.’ These ideas and principles are still in practice today at Bank Street for both children and adults. The verbs we chose for each chapter were intended to capture those principles and communicate how experiential learning is enacted today at Bank Street. By doing so, we hoped to convey the intentional interplay between theory and practice, which we believe all teachers and leaders must know and DO!

Each chapter has three sections as a way of showing the thread of history from 1916-2016:

Bank Street Then

—Bank Street's history, roots, and values

Bank Street Now

—Ways the School for Children and the Family Center foster teaching and learning

Graduate School Voices

—Voices of Graduate School faculty and alumni reflect how teaching and learning is enacted at the College today

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