"Prince Garrett" Reading by Author Jannie Pilgrim

  Motivational speaker Jannie Pilgrim visits Bank Street Bookstore on Sunday, October 26 to share her Prince Garrett books as a special guest author during the Fractured Fables puppet show.

In The Beautiful Book of Possibilities, Prince Garrett takes a walk in the forest and meets many friends in Nature, who teach him about the beautiful possibilities in store for him in life. With their help he learns about the interconnectedness of all things, how gratefulness can help, and about the potential that exists in everything and everyone, including himself.
Jannie’s second Prince Garrett book, Breakfast for a Prince, is about difficult choices: in this case, what to have for breakfast.

Jannie Pilgrim hosts the talk radio show The Deal, and has created an internet TV series, iConnections for your Soul, as well as an internet series on Transnational Career Coaching.
Event date: 
Sunday, October 26, 2014 - 1:00pm
Event address: 
610 W 112th St
10025 New York
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